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Feel the Baywatch vibes in Aegna

Get active

Want to feel like a hero? There are some people who actually are heroes on a daily basis.

The Vomare project is a voluntary maritime search and rescue organisation that trains volunteers to assist people in dangerous situations due to the considerable risks from that strong currents and near-surface rocks.

They work off of Aegna, a small island in the bay of Tallinn, just off the coast. We reached it with the quickest motor boat ever, feeling the cold water splashing us the whole way there.

Aegna is an almost inhabited island (just 2 inhabitants!) that will welcome you with a road full of strange pink roses and huge cement structures all piled close to the dock. Capture the moment by taking a true ‘Baywatch” style picture. Just follow these steps:

  •       Take a typical red and white life-preserver ring.
  •       Go to the cement structures and carefully climb them.
  •       Look at the Baltic sea and feel the powerful coastal wind.
  •       Take the coolest lifeguard picture ever.

A little suggestion: put on the typical “Baywatch” song I’m Always Here by Jimi Jamison to get in the mood.

Practical Information

To arrange a fun, fast and bumpy ride, and a visit to Aegna island, see websites Watersport.ee or Kaptenimaja.ee for the contact details. What a (wet) day waiting for you!