47.6093° N • 13.7826° E

Fall in love with Austria’s natural landscapes

Unforgettable sceneries

Bad Aussee or as we say: paradise. The village itself is nice, but it’s the surrounding that are stunning. Nature, high mountains topped with snow. Everything looks like it just came out of a painting. You’ll have no other choice than grabbing your camera.

We collected some tips for you that will help you to take great pictures of the landscape:

1. Take your time!

When you arrive at a nice location, don’t immediately grab your camera: try to look first. What inspired you to take a picture? What’s so special about what you see? Is there a detail that particularly catches your attention? Answer these questions for yourself. It will give you a better understanding of the location and new ideas for your pictures.

2. The rule of thirds!

Divide your picture into nine equally-sized rectangles (your smartphone or camera can do this for you). What to do with these lines? Simple: you place the important elements of your photo on these lines and at the intersections of these lines. Try it out!

3. Look out for reflections!

How nice is it to see a mountain turned around in the reflection of a lake! Open your eyes and you will find beautiful motifs in lakes and rivers. This will strengthen your composition.

4. No need for crazy weather!

The sky is cloudy, and the sun is not visible anymore? Good! The clouds are your friends. Make them part of your picture. They will give a structure to the sky! Also, they will be your natural light diffuser during the golden hour (shortly after sunrise or before sunset) – that’s the best times to take pictures.

Now, enjoy Bad Aussee and your camera and send us your best pictures!

Practical Information

Bad Aussee (coordinates: 47°36′36″N 13°46′58″E) is located in centre of Austria (so much so that it is said to be the geographical midpoint of Austria!). The closest larger city is Salzburg, approximately 80 km north-west from Bad Aussee. To get to Bad Aussee you can catch a train or hop on a bus from Salzburg, for example!