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Explore the power of waves and take surf lessons in Santander, Spain

Get active

Santander is a famous surf spot. You’ll learn about waves – quite literally speaking.

In Santander, the Environmental Hydraulics Institute (IH Cantabria) is specialised in everything related to water. The lab is like a tiny ocean within a building. There, they create natural circumstances to do research on issues such as erosion, drought, storm pattern changes and the rise in sea level. Their main goals? Saving lives and protecting nature. Good goals!

But there is only one way to really understand the power of waves: taking surf lessons! After having travelled along the ocean for so long, we wanted to feel the salty water and the power of waves. We enjoyed a lot our bring-your-swimsuits-surprise. Try it out!

In the evening, after the surf lessons, we have been invited to a barbecue. Feeling happy and exhausted after surfing, eating delicious food, being surrounded by awesome people and making some music together. This was close to paradise.

Practical Information

As a surfer’s paradise, Santander has a lot to offer also online: find the information about suitable courses and for those more experienced, information about the perfect beach with the perfect waves.