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Explore the Danube in Slovakia

On the move, Into the wild

When travelling along a river, there will be a time when you’ll want to get closer to it.  In that case, you can hop on a boat to float on the Danube and its branches.

When we took the boat, it was summer. The Danube was very low by this time since it hadn’t rained for a while. In 2002 and 2013 the situation was completely different. After a strong rain the water level in the Danube rose beyond 10 metres. Houses, villages and cities were flooded. When we were peacefully floating in the water, we saw the houses that had been flooded high above us and got a glimpse of the risks linked to this river.

Along the Danube dams were built and many of the flood plains were turned into agricultural spaces or urban projects. This human intervention increases the flood risk even more. Some branches of the Danube have been build back to flood plains. This mitigates flood risks, improves the area’s drinking water and creates a heaven for wildlife and plants.

Giving back autonomy to nature is a good step into the right direction…. And provides us with nice spots to visit!

Practical Information

A variety of boat tours on danube are organized from Bratislava. To immerse yourself in biodiversity of the Danube floodplains (coordinates: 47°53′36″N 17°29′0″E) we recommend you to hop on your bicycles and explore the Danube Bike Trail crossing the whole protected landscape area.