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Explore the cross-border territory of Chaves and Verín

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Visiting border regions often means you have to decide between one side or the other. Isn’t it easier when they are both working together?

The towns of Chaves (Portugal) and Verín (Galicia, Spain) share a border. They also share the largest concentration of hot springs in Europe. With joint forces, they now promote their shared area as the Eurocity of Chaves-Verín.

Hot springs sounds good enough? Oh yes, but there is much more to discover: sport, leisure, music and culture. There is something for every mood. We’ve visited the cities in a record time to check out as many spots as possible for you.

Here’s our top list:

  • Take a selfie with old paintings in the Nadir Afonso Museum of Contemporary Art (MACNA)
  • Climb up to the highest tower of the Castelo de Monterrei and wave to Chaves on the other side of the border
  • Learn about the roman history of the city of Chaves in the Museum Flaviense Region
  • Head to the Piscina Municipal in Verin or Chaves
  • Take a bath in the Termas de Chaves and stay there until your skin gets wrinkly!

…but pay attention to the time as the cities are in different time zones!

Don’t forget to grab some of the famous mineral water in the Termas de Chaves to stay hydrated during this active day!

Practical Information

Nadir Afonso Museum of Contemporary Art (MACNA), Chaves (coordinates: 41°44’28.9″N 7°28’01.2″W). Information about current exhibitions, opening hours and tickets on MACNA-website.  

Castelo de Monterrei, Verin (coordinates: 41°56′48.53″N, 7°26′57.85″W). Summer and winter opening hours differ, check them here before you go.

Museum Flaviense Region, Chaves (coordinates: 41°44’22.9″N 7°28’17.5″W). Find the opening hours on here.

All piscina municipal, public swimming pools, are listed on the visit Chaves-Verin -website.  

Termas de Chaves, Chaves (coordinates: 41°44’18.0″N 7°28’22.5″W). Information about visit and treatments available on their website. More information about therma located in the Eurocity are listed on Eurocity-website.