44.1461° N • 9.6439° E

Explore the beauty spots of Cinque Terre, Italy

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Want to find a nice spot in Cinque Terre? You can go anywhere you want, you can’t go wrong.

Cinque Terre, literally “the Five Lands”, include the five cities Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, and Riomaggiore.

We stayed in Manarola and visited Riomaggiore. And loved them both!

In Riomaggiore, try to get lost in its narrow streets. Coming from the Piazza Vignaiolo, walk up the small stairs between the houses. Stretch your arms out and touch the walls on the left and on the right at the same time. There are many narrow streets like this, that’s why the cities of Cinque Terre are hardly accessible by car. Take the train or even the boat to arrive there in style.

Once there, enjoy the peaceful cities without motorised traffic. Go for a walk and discover the famous colourful houses that are built on the hillside. The view is just fantastic! While looking at the houses on the hillside, also notice the vineyards! Take a walk there and seize the opportunity to have a glass of wine. You will taste the sun and the beauty of this place.

Practical Information

Cinque Terre (coordinates:44.1461° N, 9.6439° E ) or each of the five towns it is comprised of, are reachable by train, ferry, and car. However, the roads between the five towns are not for the faint of heart (as one could imagine!) – if you are on the road you can also leave the car at the nearby town La Spezia and take the train from there.

Once in Cinque Terre you can move between the five towns by train, by boat (check for the practical day-tickets, especially if your time is limited) or by walking the paths that connect the towns. Note that a pass is required to use the paths and that depending to the weather conditions, the paths may be closed.