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Explore Prizren, the city of culture and contrasts

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Prizren is everything. It is old, it is young, it is a mix of cultures. Explore a piece of this mosaic!

To get a first impression of the city, take a stroll along the river, walk over the old bridges and listen to the different languages. Connecting Turkish, Albanian, Kosovan and Serbian influences, Prizren is what you would call a multicultural city. In the centre, you will find cathedrals and mosques, all next to each other. Nowadays this is possible, but the city had a turbulent past and many buildings and museums will tell you about it.

Prizren is Kosovo’s cultural hotspot. Keep your eyes open for events, there is always something going on. One of the big venues is Lumbardhi. It is a former cinema that today is an independent cultural institution. We went there to listen to an international orchestra. The concert stopped for some minutes when the muezzin from the neighbouring mosque started to sing. This is respect, this is Prizren!

Do you like movies? Then don’t miss out on Dokufest. It is Kosovo’s largest documentary and short film festival. You will be able to see more than 200 international movies. So, come to Prizren from the 2nd till the 10th of August 2019 and enjoy this exceptional festival.

Practical Information

Lumbardhi is a former cinema that serves as a civic space and an independent cultural institution hosting a range of cultural activities from exhibitions to concerts to film. Check their Facebook page!

Dokufest is an International Documentary and Short Film Festival organized yearly in August in Prizren. To keep up with the news for the upcoming festival and to find a best way for you to take part follow Dokufest’s website.