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Visit Vilnius’ most loved spots, spotted by traveller Fabian

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Hey! I’m Fabian, and I’ve travelled along the Atlantic route with the Road Trip Project.

I have been living in Vilnius for the past 5 years and I already consider myself as a Vilnietis, which is how Lithuanians call the people from Vilnius. The city itself is not that big but it has so much things to offer. Here are some of my favourite spots!

The Republic of Uzupis

Yes, a republic. That’s actually a “symbolic” republic inside Vilnius: they have their own government, constitution, anthem and traditions. The area used to be inhabited by poor populations in the past, however, as time passed by, many artists started to settle here, turning the Republic into a magical place full of street art and a bohemian touch.

The Cathedral Square

Vilnius Old Town’s main square is the key location for the city life. Plenty of events are happening here throughout the year. Whether you are religious or not, the Cathedral is a must-visit when in Vilnius. The Square is also the place in which the Christmas market and the city’s Christmas tree are hosted during the festive period.

The Trakai Castle

This castle is actually an island in the city of Trakai, which is located 40 minutes away by train from Vilnius.

This is a place you do not want to miss if you are visiting Vilnius for a few days. Whether it is summer or winter, the landscape and the nature in the area are absolutely stunning. I am taking all my friends to this place when they come visit me!

Last summer I actually made a vlog when I visiting Trakai and had the chance to film with my drone. The view from above is next level, check out my video here!

Those are my top 3 spots in Vilnius.

Enjoy your stay at the G-spot of Europe!

I have been living in Vilnius for the past 5 years and I already consider myself as a Vilnietis!

Practical Information

All the pictures above are taken by Fabian. Follow Fabian’s Lithuanian adventures on Instagram and Youtube!