42.0069° N • 20.9715° E

Enjoy the view of the impressive Šar mountains

Get active, Into the wild, Relax

When you travel between North Macedonia and Kosovo, take a breath, enjoy the view of the impressive mountains and relax.

On our way through the mountains, we couldn’t stop staring out of the windows of our van. The landscape was just too impressive. If you happen to be there on a sunny day, and especially during the weekend, you will see all along the street, families sitting together on the grass, having picnics and drinking tea out of massive samovars (a metal container that keeps your tea hot). What a peaceful moment!

Following the road, it takes you higher and higher into the mountains. At the top there is snow which makes the landscape look like the surface of the moon. Have a break to get out of the car and to get the full mountain experience. Sit in the sun while watching the snow in front of you and just enjoy the fresh air and the beauty of this place.

When we had a break in the mountains, there was an old cute couple sitting in front of us on a bench, looking at the mountains, enjoying life. It was an adorable moment.

Practical Information

Šar Mountains (coordinates: 42°N 20.7333°E) are a series of mountains in Balkans extending for about 75 km from Kosovo and the northwest of North Macedonia to northeastern Albania.

While you can relax on the slopes of the mountains, a range of possibilities for hiking, climbing and even skiing during the winter are available.