43.5122° N • 7.1144° W

Enjoy the stunning, rocky view of Playa de las Catedrales

Relax, Unforgettable sceneries

Natural cathedrals built by the sea. Yes, it is as beautiful as it sounds!

A few kilometers west of Ribadeo you find a wonderful stretch of beach: the Playa de las Catedrales. Go there and you will know where its majestic name comes from. Steep rock formations divide the beach and create grottos and passages. The cliffs reveal spectacular arches up to 30 meters high. Just like cathedrals.

The beach is accessible by stairs. But watch out! You can walk along the beach and have a look at the grottos during the low-tide. It’s safer not to be around the area when the sea level rises, so make sure you check the tide table before your visit.

One more option: there is a walkway over the cliffs. It’s always safe, and it offers you a perfect view on the beach. Seeing the stunning rocks and the power of the water from above is impressive.

This place is magical. It changes its appearance all the time. According to how high the water is, you can spot different grottos and arches. Wow. I could have stayed there for hours to observe this spectacular show!

Practical Information

Playa de las Catedrales (coordinates: 43°33′14″N 7°9′26″W) is located on the Cantabric coast, approximately 10 kilometres to the west from the town of Ribadeo.

Due to the high amount of visitors during the holiday season, it is necessary to reserve your visit before you go between July and September. Do it here!