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Drive from Croatia to… Croatia, via Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Did you know Croatia is divided into two parts? And did you know Bosnia and Herzegovina is in between? We didn’t know, until we said goodbye to Croatia, hello to Bosnia and Herzegovina, and hello to… Croatia again?!

To visit both parts of Croatia you have to cross Bosnia and Herzegovina. This is a special situation which will make you experience the EU’s external borders from up close. You will have to exit the EU and enter it again. Why? Well, because Croatia is part of the European Union, while Bosnia and Herzegovina is not (yet).

Thanks to the tiny stretch of land, Bosnia and Herzegovina has access to the sea. Have a look there! You’ll be able to spot Croatia both on your left side and on your right side. Indeed, it only takes you twenty minutes to cross Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Being outside of the EU while being surrounded by it. It is a unique experience, try it out!

A challenge for good swimmers: swim from Croatia to Bosnia and Herzegovina!

Practical Information

Since Bosnia and Herzegovina is not an EU member country, to cross the Neum Passage on your way from Croatia to Croatia, remember to carry your passport with you. If you are driving in a rented car, check that you are allowed to exit the EU with it.

The border crossing is usually relatively fast, though the process might take a while during high season. Driving through the passage takes approximately 10 minutes – unless you decide to explore Bosnia and Herzegovina further! (In this case, check the entry requirements to Bosnia and Herzegovina more carefully.)