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Visit the famous Central Café in Budapest, Hungary

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You are in Budapest and you are hungry? Lucky you!

Being hungry in Budapest is wonderful. There is so much choice of good food. When we had to choose, we made the best decision of our trip and went to the Central Café to eat Paprikash. The café is famous because many Hungarian writers came there to eat and to share their thoughts.

When we entered the café, we stepped into the 19th century. Elegant wooden surfaces, classy paintings and lamps. Nothing seems to have changed since 1887 when the café opened. This divine interior made us nearly forget how super hungry we were. Luckily, we remembered after some seconds!

We ordered chicken Paprikash, and it was sent to us straight from heaven. After just one bite we were sad that that the plate would be empty at some point. This dish perfectly combined the three most used ingredients in the Hungarian cuisine: chicken, paprika and sour cream.

Judges, your opinion, please:

“Super nice, super creamy but it’s also thick.” (Kenneth, star cook from Dublin)

Unfortunately Suzy couldn’t give her voting since she was too busy licking her plate!

Practical Information

The Central Café Coffee House is located at Károlyi  u. 9. in Budapest.