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Take a ride on the oldest metro in Europe

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Did you know that it is possible to take a ride on an UNESCO World Heritage? With the Földalatti you can!

When Budapest needed more public transport in the last century, one option would have been a train line on the Andrássy Avenue. Since this Avenue was regarded as perfect and complete, there was no way that this would happen. What to do then? They came up with the idea to build a train line under the Avenue. The line M1 in Budapest was opened in 1896 and was the first electric underground line on the European mainland. The Hungarian word for subway is “Földalatti”. That’s why this first subway was simply named Földalatti.

When you go for a ride, use the waiting time in the station to have a look around. You will be kicked back into the past by small wooden box offices and white tiles on the walls. What a perfect location for historic movies! The train ride itself will maintain the illusion of the past. It does all the shaky movements and authentic sounds that you expect from an over 100-year-old train. Lovely!

Enjoy the ride but be careful when the clock strikes midnight! Your carriage will turn back into a pumpkin. In modern words: the trains don’t operate anymore at this time!

Practical Information

Remember to carry a valid ticket with you at all times. Tickets can be bought for a single ride or for 24, 48 hours … up to 7 days. Note that single ticket does not allow you to change the vehicle in between, for this, you need a transfer ticket, unless you are changing from a metro to another.