43.8949° N • 3.5117° E

Stop, drop, and yoga at Cirque de Navacelles, France

Get active, Into the wild, Relax

Cirque de Navacelles is the perfect spot for your personal digital detox. Cutting down on social media and obligations for a few days is the best thing you can do for yourself. Just let time pass, don’t look at your smartphone, but lose yourself in the views of the valleys, rivers and clear skies.

The natural valley of Cirque de Navacelles is over 3 million years old and is surrounded by high limestone cliffs. The best way to move around in the area is by foot or bike.

There are many trails that lead you to wonderful spots such as les Moulins de la Foux. These abandoned mills are surrounded by waterfalls and a wild river. The perfect spot to feel the power of water. Mind your steps, otherwise you might experience the water too lively!

To relax completely, we took a yoga class on the spot. In the valley, surrounded by trees we heard nothing except for singing birds and our deep and calm breath. Wow. It was awesome. It is a rare opportunity to do yoga in such a peaceful setting, take it! And no worries: we were all beginners and enjoyed it to the fullest.

After four busy weeks with our smartphones, these peaceful digital detox days were just perfect. We were deeply relaxed and ready for the last small stage ahead of us.

Practical Information

Cirque de Navacelles (coordinates: 43°53′34″N 3°30′36″E) is located approximately 1 hour drive from Montpellier and Nimes, and can be reached from these cities by public bus connections. See further details about arrival and other practical information as well as on site activities on the website.

Different kinds of of yoga courses are organised in Cirque de Navacelles – just google the best one for you!