45.1716° N • 28.7914° E

Dive into the Danube Delta, Romania

Relax, Unforgettable sceneries

Sunshine, blue water and something to celebrate – three reasons to jump into the Danube!

After one month of getting to know the Danube so well, our baby grew into a sea. The Black Sea. The Danube Delta stretches over an area of 6000 square kilometres which makes it the second biggest in Europe after the Volga Delta.

How to better say goodbye to water than with a decent swim? We jumped into the Danube Delta while some curious cows hanging around at the beach looked at us. Did they even realise how epic this moment was? We doubt it. However, the water was wonderful and whenever you are close to the Danube Delta, you should not miss out on this refreshment.

Thank you Danube, you majestic river, for taking us on this unforgettable journey!

For us this was it. The end of our trip, the last answer to our questions along the Danube. You know how it feels when your favourite series ends, right? That’s exactly the feeling we had. We were happy because it was so great but also sad that this adventure was over.

Practical Information

To swim in the Danube Delta we recommend you choose either a lake or the Black Sea. You’ll find the beautiful beaches of Sulina (coordinates: 45°9′34″N 29°39′10″E) and Sfantu Gheorghe (coordinates: 44°53’29.0″N 29°37’16.9″E). Both beaches (and towns) can be reached by boat from Tulcea.