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Discover your next favourite unpronounceable city: Szczecin

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If you like mixing nostalgic and modern vibes, you’ll love Szczecin, also known as the “Paris of the north”.

This oddly-shaped Polish city was probably founded at the beginning of the eighth century by some Slavic tribes. Passing into Polish, Swedish and Prussian hands, it ended up being a German city until 1945, when it was eventually given to Poland. After World War II the city had suffered too many bombings and many areas were destroyed.

These areas are now rebuilt with colourful and pyramid-shaped constructions. But if you want to visit the most incredible building of all, you must add the Szczecin Philharmonic Hall to the top of your list.

Futurystyczny budynek Filharmonii szczeci?skiej

You’ll know you’re in front of the right place once you see a white construction that looks like the tip of an iceberg. Szczecin Philharmonic is so bright that it lights up the city.

Seriously – the whole building is shining, especially at night. When inside, you won’t help but notice the minimalistic style of the place. Take a special look at the spiral stairs and the golden room! The building has been awarded different prizes for its stunning architecture, and it is the new icon of the city.

While strolling around the city, find and pop in the Kino Pionier, the oldest cinema in Europe.

Kino Pionier opened in 1909, and, even if it was completely refurbished in 2002, it still keeps its retro charm. You can choose to watch your film on a regular cinema chair in room one, or to go back in time and sit at the vintage café tables in smoky room 2.

Being inside of Kino Pionier was like travelling back in time!

Practical Information

Beyond the architecture of Szczecin Philharmonic (coordinates: 53.4377°N 14.5418°E), we recommend you check out their programme on their website. The programme extends from classical music to jazz and electronic music labs!

Kino Pionier (coordinates: 53°25′35,6″N, 14°32′43,2″E) shows alternative movies in their original languages, subtitled in Polish every day. Check their website for upcoming movies.