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Discover Tutrakan, a tiny village with a precious history

Time travel

Get off the beaten track and get rural in Tutrakan! This unique village on the shores of the Danube is such an important page in local history that it is celebrated as a culturally important town nationally. 

With a ton of fish on offer in the Danube, including carp, catfish, whitefish and more, Tutrakan was in its heyday the centre of fishing along the Danube River. It was also a major centre for boat-making. In the 1940s almost everyone in the village (that’s about 5000 people!) was a fisherman.

Today the village is still home to about a dozen fishermen and many gorgeous little houses and boat builders’ buildings that have been lovingly restored. To get a better idea of what the village was like 80 years ago, take a trip to the town’s museum – the Danube Fishing and Boat Construction Museum.

Once there, we spent some time talking to the actual fishermen, who told us about their wish to pass on their traditions and artisanal skills. It’s great that there are young people willing to keep this ancient tradition alive!


We tried fishing there as well and only caught a tiny fish (but this might have been related to our undeveloped fishing skills)

Practical Information

The historical museum of Tutrakan hosts interesting exhibitions about the history of the city, including the specialised ethnographic museum for Danube Fishing and Boat Construction. To visit the museum see the opening hours and possible entry fees (depending which section of the museum you want to visit) on their website.

Got interested in the exhibitions, but can’t leave right now? Take a sneak peek and check the virtual tours on the web!