60.1381° N • 25.0037° E

Discover seaside Helsinki (with agumented reality!)

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From Helsinki, take the ferry to Vallisaari – you’ll land in a completely different world!

Vallisaari is a former military base island with a history dating back to 1554, when the first protective barriers were built. And as such it remained until 2012, when the works to open it to the public began. History kept the island remote, while the wildlife on the island flourished: with 1000 different butterfly species, nightingales, warblers, eagle-owls, badgers, and other animals, the island is the most biodiverse spot in Helsinki!

One way to get to know the very special story of Vallisaari better is to play with the augmented reality app that features characters from the island’s history. While searching for the head of a headless colonel you’ll end up exploring the whole island, walking past the ruins, fortresses, hill forts and parks.

Challenge (or show off) your parkour skills by jumping on the rocky shores! Ready, set, go!

The view from Vallisaari is amazing! Our favorite spot on the island was Aleksanterin patteri, a former military construction, on top of which an observation deck has been built. On a clear day you can see the Estonian shores from there!

Practical Information

Vallisaari (coordinates: 60.137°N 25.002°E) can be reached by ferry from the Helsinki market square during the summer only. There are two providers of the ferry service. The ferry takes approximately 20 minutes to reach the island. Besides the ferry ticket, there is no entry fee to the island. Read more about the access, maps and services at Nationalparks website.

The Lights On! augmented reality app is available Google Play or App Store. The app is also available at other spots in Finland and Estonia.