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Meet with the Danube Dinosaur in Tulcea, Romania

Time travel, Into the wild

The Danube Dinosaur has been on this planet long, long time before the first human life existed. In Tulcea, this majesty gives you the opportunity to meet him.

The sturgeon, “The Danube Dinosaur”, is the flagship fish of the Danube. He met dinosaurs and witnessed all the world’s History. Today, this amazing animal is threatened with extinction. Why? Usually, the sturgeons live in the Black Sea and then travel upriver to lay their eggs. But the water pollution and artificial dams built in the Danube stop it on its way. Additionally, it is the most important fishery resource of the Danube. We met a biologist who told us that his famous beluga caviar brings 20.000 Dollar per Kilo on the market in New York. Although the hunt is forbidden in Romania, people continue catching them.

We met the impressive Dinosaur (they can get up to 4.5 meters long and reach an age of 100) in the Danube Delta Museum in Tulcea. So huge, so impressive! It’s definitely time for action to save this living fossil. Luckily, the Danube Sturgeon Task Force (DSTF) is at his side!

Thanks your majesty for the audience and good luck for your next 2000 years of existence!

We were happy that we met him there and not while taking a bath in the Danube!

Practical Information

Danube Delta Eco-Tourism Museum Centre is a combination of a museum and an aquarium. It’s located in the centre of Tulcea, close to the Danube River. Before your visit, check the opening hours and entry fees on the museum’s website.