45.4758° N • 13.6183° E

Cycle from Croatia all the way to Italy along the route of Health and Friendship

Time travel, Get active

The Route of Health and Friendship is a cycle path that stretches along Italy, Slovenia and Croatia. It is a symbol of their cooperation. If we hadn’t had our van, we could have (very theoretically…) travelled the three countries by bike. But since we had our van, we only cycled from Piran to the ancient Sečovlje Saltworks. What a delightful trip!

You’ll see old, yet very pretty buildings along your path, you’ll have the sea beside you, people taking a swim and eating ice cream around you.  This route knows how to create a relaxing atmosphere. Also, the path is mostly flat . Could it be any better?

Recently the cycling path had been renewed. PiNA, an NGO which empowers people to get involved in society, initiated the change when they invited young people on a bike ride on the old cycle path. While riding the bikes, the group came up with ideas to improve the route, submitted them to the government, and their ideas were implemented. That’s the power of participation!

When we were cycling on the Route of Health and Friendship, a car stopped in front of us, a woman jumped out, waved and took pictures of us. We were surprised but couldn’t stop because we were close to a street. In the evening we met this woman by accident in the city centre and she told us that she followed our adventure and that she was super excited when she spotted us on the bike route. What a nice meeting

Practical Information

To plan your experience on the Route of Health and Friendship cycling path, also known as Parenzana, visit their website to download the map, information about possible activities on the road and to learn about the history of the road.

The ancient saltpans of Sečovlje located in Sečovlje Salina Nature Park (coordinates 45°29′30.83″N 13°36′30.77″E) are approximately 8 km bicycle ride away from Piran (coordinates 45°31′42.31″N 13°34′06.42″E). Find further details to plan your visit at the salt plans at Sečovlje Salina Nature Park’s website.