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Cycle for freedom on the Bridge of Liberty

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Chuck Norris was not named after the bridge, but the bridge was named after Chuck Norris!

On a crazy hot day we went on a bicycle ride along the Morava (a tributary of the Danube) to get to know the area around Devínska Nová Ves. On the one side of the river Slovakia ended, and on the other side Austria began. They are both connected by the Bridge of Freedom. It was rebuilt in 2009 for pedestrians, horse-drawn carriages, emergency vehicles and cyclists like us.

The Bridge of Freedom is also (and even better) known as Chuck Norris Bridge. The name of the bridge was supposed to be chosen with the help of an online poll. When someone suggested the name “Chuck Norris Bridge” things went viral, and the name got thousands of votes. The officials didn’t accept the name since it doesn’t include the history of the bridge.

So now you’re wondering – why is it called the Bridge of Freedom, then? Well, where today the bridge stands, during the Cold War there were border barriers. Many people died when they tried to cross the river from Czechoslovakia (the East) to Austria (the West). The name is a reminder of the victims and the past of this place.

Today the bridge connects Austria and Slovakia. When you come from Slovakia, use the bridge and use it as a shortcut to the castle “Schloss Hof” in Austria. This Baroque castle hosts white donkeys that were typical of the Baroque era. So pretty and definitely a reason to cross the bridge!

Practical Information

Park your motorised vehicles and hop on a cycle! The Bridge of Freedom, located 15 kms from the centre of Bratislava, is a cyclo-bridge, which means that it can be crossed only by cycling or by foot. The region provides a range of cycling routes that’ll take you, amongst other castles, to Schloss Hof.

To visit Schloss Hof (coordinates: 48°12′50″N 16°56′14″E) check their website for opening hours, entry fees, and seasonal markets.