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Cross the New Europe Bridge and say hello to Romania

On the move

Build bridges not walls!

Besides “The Bridge Fest” we saw a second (real!) bridge in Vidin. It crosses the Danube since 2013 and connects Vidin to the Romanian town of Calafat. This is a bigger deal than you might think!

The Danube is the 470 km long natural border between Romania and Bulgaria. The first bridge between the two countries was built in 1954 to connect Giurgiu and Ruse. Since then people in Vidin who wanted to travel to Central and West Europe had to drive 307 kilometres to this bridge or had to use the ferry in their town. We were told that this ferry only operated when it was fully loaded with trucks and had troubles in hot summers when the water level was low and in winters when the Danube froze over. Not the most convenient solution.

That’s why the locals are happy that this 2 kilometres long bridge (majestic rivers need majestic bridges) makes their life way easier today. And yours as well if you plan to travel in this area!

You don't have to hop on a hot-air balloon - you can simply drive over the bridge to say hello to Romania. But we like adventures!

Practical Information

The New Europe Bridge (coordinates: 44°00′08″N 22°56′54″E) connects Calafat in Romania and Vidin in Bulgaria. The bridge can be crossed by car, but also by bike and foot. Toll fee applies only to motorised vehicles – check the exact prices here.