38.2800° N • 21.8330° E

Cross the Gulf of Corinth on the Rio-Antirrio Bridge

On the move

Whether you want to pop over to the Peloponnese peninsula or get back to mainland Greece, The Rio-Antirrio Bridge is there for you!

Imagine life before 2004: you can see your friends waving to you on the other side of the Gulf of Corinth. You want to join them? Then either you would have needed to be a great swimmer or more likely it would have taken you 45 minutes to get to the other side by ferry. Luckily, today you can visit your friends in only 5 minutes. Isn’t that incredible?

Did you know that the first Olympic Games were held at Olympia, located in the western Peloponnese – and guess who were the first people to cross the Rio-Antirrio Bridge? The torch bearers of the Athens 2004 Olympic games!   

Thanks to the Rio-Antirrio Bridge, Rio (on the peninsula) and Antirrio (on the mainland) are well connected today. This was good for us on our trip but also it has improved the economic and cultural exchange between the two areas. On top of that, the bridge itself is well worth a visit since it is one of the longest multi-span cable-stayed bridges in the world. Sounds shaky but trust us, it felt very stable!

You are on holidays and want to slow down? Then the longer ferry ride is the right option for you. We tried it out as well and can totally recommend it – the view from the ferry on the bridge is awesome.

Do you want to travel on a budget? Then walk over the bridge for free instead of driving over it or take the ferry and enjoy a slow ride.

Practical Information

To cross the Rio-Antirrio Bridge, officially Charilaos Trikoupis Bridge (Coordinates: 38°19′17″N 21°46′22″E) refer to GEFYRA S.A. website for further practical information for example on toll fees.

There are two ferry ports in Antirrio on the east and west sides of the bridge; East Pier of Antirrion and Antirrio Ferry. The single ferry port in Rio, East Pier Rio, is located on the eastern side of the Bridge.