57.3000° N • 25.0333° E

Climb at the top of the Ligatne nature trails at the Gauja National Park

Get active, Into the wild

There is a place that combines perfect landscapes, caves, castles, animals and bungee jumping. It’s called Gauja National Park.

The largest and oldest national park in Latvia, Gauja offers you a unique range of surprising experiences; from discovering ancient places such as the Gutmanala cavern, to feeling the adrenaline of bungee jumping, or exploring  the wilderness walking on Ligatne Nature Trails. Along these 5km-long trails you will see several protected Latvian animals, such as owls and eagle-owls. They are in captivity because they were injured and people take care of them before releasing them.

We invite you to engage in a little conversation with them, to entertain them and to live a special moment.

To speak their language, follow these steps:

  • Picture yourself as a feathered being that is freely flying in the sky.
  • Try to emit a tweet.   
  • If you get an answer of a bird after giving it a go… CONGRATS! You are already an expert!

Another suggestion: hike to the top of the Ligatne Nature Trails, put your bird skills into practice and talk to the endless forests around you!

Practical Information

Gauja National Park (coordinates: 57°25′0″N 25°25′0″E) can be reached from Riga by train or bus. Within the park you can get around by foot, by bike or  by boat. Bicycles can be brought from Riga by train. Moving from one location to another within the park is possible by bus. Practical information about visiting Gauja National Park is available at Enter Gauja -website.    

Gutmanala cavern (coordinates: 57°09′56″N 24°50′45″E) located in the Gauja National Park, in the region of Sigulda. The entrance to the grotto is free. Further practical details can be found here.

Ligatne Nature Trails located in the Gauja National Park (coordinates: 57°24’87”N 25°01’49”E). Covering over 5 km of trails the visits lasts on average 2-2,5 hours. There is an entrance fee to enter the park. To plan you visit, see further details at Ligatne tourisms’ -website.