55.5291° N • 25.1132° E

Challenge your fear of heights at the Anykščiai Pinewood, Lithuania

Get active, Into the wild, Unforgettable sceneries

The Anykščiai Regional Park was created to preserve the cultural and natural heritage of the Lithuanian highlands. This mystic and humid evergreen area will inspire you and get you closer to the Lithuanian spirit.

The famous Lithuanian poet Antanas Baranauskas, who loved the area, wrote “Often a Lithuanian doesn’t know why he weeps in the forest”. Well, dear Baranauskas, here’s our guess:  perhaps it’s because they want to confront their fear of heights! If you’re also afraid of heights, this is the moment for you to overcome your fear! Climb to the top of the incredible Tree Top walking path, a 300-metre long walkway, placed 35 metres above the forest floor.

At the start of the trail, you will find the engraved Puntukas stone, the second biggest stone in Lithuania, probably dragged there by glaciers from Finland.  Legend has it that the devil Velnias left this huge boulder behind when going back to the underworld.

One last tip: go to the main tower and enjoy the vast view over the tree canopy!

Practical Information

Anykščiai town is located 112 km from Vilnius. Anykščiai Regional Park hosts amongst other attractions the Treetop Walking Path (coordinates: 55° 29′ 6.84″N, 25° 3′ 36.94″E). Tickets to the Regional Park includes entrance to the Treetop Walking Path as well.