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Catch some fish and organize a BBQ in Tornio, Finland

Time travel, Get active, Taste!

Fishing like way back when!

The over-500-km-long Torne river is one of the longest free-flowing rivers in Europe. Because there are no dams, the fish can migrate  upstream during the early summer, passing by the Kukkolankoski rapids. The rapids here have been known as excellent places to catch fish since the Middle Ages. But can you imagine that the same fishing method, dipnetting, is still being used today?!

Dipnetting actually describes the practice of fishing fairly well: standing on a hand-built structure over the rapids, you dip the net, held at the very end of a long handle, into the water and hope for it to catch a fish. If you’re lucky enough that fish ends up in your net, pull it from the water fast! (Actually, we’re not quite sure if it’s luck or your fishing skills that will help you catch the fish, since the local fishermen we spoke to were able to catch some rather quickly…).

What comes after might prove even more exciting; sitting by the fire while fish is cooked and hearing fishermen’s stories and fishermen stories. Can you spot the difference between the two?

Appreciation of slow life, slow and fresh food, and traditions is unlikely to get any catchier than this.


The fishermen at Kukkolankoski rapids were amazing! I don’t think that I will ever forget the atmosphere by the fire.

Practical Information

Kukkola rapids, located in the town of Kukkola (coordinates: 65°57.7”N, 024°02.6”E) 15 km north from the twin city Tornio-Haparanda. To arrange a Catch, Prepare and Enjoy experience send a message @kukkolankoskiofficial on Facebook.