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Capture the future in Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Creative vibes, City tips

In Rotterdam you can get a glimpse of how the future will (hopefully!) look like!

In a former tropical swimming paradise the start-up hub BlueCity created its office. Where we saw workplaces and laboratory facilities there used to be changing rooms and wave pools. What a way of reusing an indoor swimming pool! Reusing, that’s what BlueCity is all about. It hosts start-ups that work in the field of circular economy. The main ideas of this concept: products should last long, be easy to take apart and reuse and should not leave waste. The results? Leather made of food waste for example. You have to see that!

Not far away from BlueCity the innovation hotspot Rotterdamsche Droogdok Maatschappij (RDM) wants to create a greener future as well. And also has a special home: a former shipyard that serves as a campus. Better wind technology, smarter, eco-friendly products, waste eating robots, that’s some of the current working fields of the students, researchers, start-ups and researching companies. We were stunned when we heard of all this great ideas!

You plan to be in Rotterdam next June? Every year innovators from the Netherlands and beyond meet to show their tech innovations at the Future Flex Festival. It is for free. It is great. You should go!

Practical Information

For those interested in educational holidays Blue City organises public events in the field of circular and blue economy. See the upcoming events on Blue City –website.

Future Flux Festival (FFF) is organised yearly in June. To stay updated about the programme and tickets follow their website.

If you are part of a bigger group interested in learning about innovation and technology RDM offers guided tours in the port. Learn more on the RDM-website.