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Browse around a second-hand store in Antwerp, Belgium

Like a local, Creative vibes

If you like original outfits, and you’re bored with the current items in fashion, second-hand fashion is the way to go!

RIOT is a second-hand shop in the Lange Koepoortstraat. It opened one year ago, but it’s already an integral part of Antwerp’s fashion scene. A fashion scene that is massive! There is a reason why Antwerp is one of the fashion capitals in the worlds (it really is!).

Riot Streetwear buys its clothes from a depot in Rotterdam and pays them per kilo. They transferred this concept to their own store. The pick and weight concept is easy to explain: choose your clothes, put them on a scale and pay according to their weight. Like this, clothes that have a higher quality and are mostly heavier (real leather jackets for example) are more expensive than light synthetic materials. That way, you pay what the clothes are worth.

Our recommendation: choose outfits for each other. Get creative, combine funny hats with high shoes and XXL jackets. There are no limits. The crazier the better. The most exciting outfit wins and maybe will be taken home? Please, send us a picture!

Look forward to the pleasant surprise at the till: the security measures on the clothes also weigh about one euro. When they go off, it is always a little cheaper!

Practical Information

Riot second-hand store is located on the Lange Koepoortstraat 46-48, Antwerp. Follow them on Facebook for opening hours and fashion updates.