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Become a volunteer & clean up the Danube


Picking up trash and having fun doing it? Yes, this can work.

During our trip we always enjoyed our swims in the Danube. Around 24 years ago the quality of the water was too bad for swimming. Even drainage went into the river. That’s why 14 countries sharing the river and the drainage system came together to sign a cooperation agreement. Every year, the 29th of June, the day of the signing, is a celebration day. The day is also used to bring attention to the river and to show: you can always do something!

Even picking up some dirty underwear from the shore of the Danube is a small step into the right direction! That’s why we did it. Together with other volunteers we formed a cool “hi-viz” vests gang and picked up everything that does not belong to the banks of a river.

You don’t have plans for next summer? Your support will be much appreciated!

It is awful how much trash you find at such a peaceful spot. We went deep into the bushes and still found stuff. I am happy that we participated in this project since I totally support the idea behind!

Practical Information

DanubeParks Network of Protected Areas brings together 16 protected areas along the Danube river. On 29th of June the parks organise volunteering event together: different regions, at same time. Follow their website and Facebook page for more practical information for the 2019 edition.

The individual parks may organise volunteering events throughout the year. These are promoted also on the DanubeParks website and Facebook page. Join! Make a difference.