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Be green in Berlin, follow Luisa’s tips!

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Hey! I’m Luisa, I’m from Berlin and I’ve travelled along the Mediterranean route with the Road Trip Project.

What I like the most about my hometown? It is the greenest capital in Europe. We have parks, forests, lakes and green areas. Even in the city centre. So, when you come for a visit, dive into Berlin’s history and culture but don’t miss out on our urban nature!

Berlin hosts people from all over the world. But did you know that it also hosts gardens from five continents? You can find them in the Gardens of the World park. Even during the winter, the (indoor) Balinese garden welcomes you with tropic plants and… temperatures.

Check out the Japanese garden. Have a seat on the benches and look how perfectly shaped it is. For some reason, looking at that garden gives me a sense of peace.

Perfection can also be found in the Italian renaissance garden. With its statues and fountains the Giardino della Bobolina makes me want to be back on the road trip in Italy.

Another green area worth checking is the Tempelhofer Feld. It used to be an airport. Where once planes landed and took off, there’s a huge public space today. You can go for a walk there, ride your bike, skate, have a picnic, or to try some urban gardening. The huge field can host anybody who’s in need for fresh air.


Pro tip: Get there at sunset during summer: the golden light gives a beautiful colour to the fields.

In Berlin, nature will be around you at any time. I guess this is one of the reasons why so many people feel that Berlin is such a relaxed city!

What I like the most about my hometown? It is the greenest capital in Europe!

Practical Information

To visit Gardens of the World (coordinates: 52°32’16.0″N 13°34’33.7″E) see their website for all the practical information; arrival with public transport, opening hours and tickets.

Tempelhofer Feld located in the south of Berlin (coordinates: 52°28’32.7″N 13°24’12.1″E) can be easily reached by public transport. The park is open from sunrise to sunset check the seasonal opening hours here.

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