Road Trip Project Season 2

What’s up, Europe? The Road Trip Project Season 2 is here! This year’s edition features 2 teams of 4 young travellers embarking on a lifetime adventure across Europe. Each team is made up of a video maker, a copywriter, a photographer and a presenter. They’ll cross 17 countries and dozens of regions, meeting and living like the locals!

They’ll get to see what European regions have to offer up close: from dancing at a sustainable electric music festival to hitting the stage at an opera house; from inspiring us in Europe’s first 100% carbon-free island to getting lost in a rock labyrinth; and from stargazing to helping make French cheese.

Get ready to be inspired!


The Travellers

The Road Trip Project season 2 is here! 8 travellers in teams of 4 are on 2 exciting adventures to discover what Europe has to offer… check out their bios, get to know more about them and follow them while they’re on the road!


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