Meet the jury

These people will have the difficult task to select the 16 finalists for the Road Trip Project, season 2. Check out their bios!


Becky Snowden

Becky is a writer and editor, helping prepare all the great content you’re seeing right now! She’s looking for quirky, standout travellers who can bring something a little different to this year’s trip. Becky is a music/pop culture nerd and true crime obsessive whose favourite emoji is 💩, just because it’s so stupid!

Catarina Pinto

Catarina is an editorial manager working for the Road Trip Project. She’s busy editing text for the website, social media and prepping content for the trip! As a jury member, she’s keeping an eye out for travellers who have amazing writing skills and are ready to type, type, type 😊! Like Becky, she’s also into true crime series! And she’s the foodie of the team. Her favourite emoji is 🤷‍♀️ because more often than not, life is so random!

Dimitri Lemonias

Dimitri is a Strategic Planner working on the Road Trip project. As a jury member he is eager to find travellers that are passionate in their craft, creative and can speak their minds. He is a hip-hop artist on his days off, loves anything that involves good food and is a die-hard fan of dogs. His favourite emojis is the one known as ‘happy sweat’ 😅, as it perfectly represents the goofball that he is.

Hanna Söderström

Hanna is busy finding the perfect places to discover on the road. As a jury member she is looking for travellers that are curious and willing to engage in a cause. She is the official cookie monster at the office and has a secret crush for royal weddings. Her favourite emoji is 🌝 , because the expression tells more than any words would.

Rafael Michaelson

Rafael is a social media expert working on the Road Trip project. As a jury member he is looking for travellers that are quirky, creative & ready to start a conversation. He loves making pasta al limone, going to yoga and hanging out with his 2 cats Jakkub & Wendy. His favourite emojis is 🌊

Gaetano Saturno

Gaetano is Campaign Manager of the Road Trip Project. He is looking for travellers with that ‘wow’ factor, who can really make the Road Trip epic! He has a real talent for drinking shots of coffee and singing out of tune. For all the best reasons and without any doubt this is the emoji that he uses the most: ☕