The Routes

The Road Trip Project extends over 4 main routes across the continent, approximately 12.000 km.

Explore all the routes and their own unique vibe and purpose below:


The Atlantic Route

19 May - 16 June

  • Start point:
    Cabo da Roca, Portugal
  • End point:
    Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Set sail to (re-)discover Europe! What inspired ancient navigators to set out on unknown waters? The call of new continents across the vast ocean. But no need to go so far with Europe right here worth rediscovering! This route is about exploring the highs, lows, cliffs and mountains of Europe’s Atlantic coast – Europe’s gateway to the wider world, and a whole set of amazing regions awaiting Yldau and Fabian, our two explorers.
The Atlantic coast holds up a mirror to the “old continent” of Europe. What does the future hold for the regions working with and earning a living from the sea? Follow our travellers from the most Western point of mainland Europe, Cabo da Roca near Lisbon, Portugal, all the way to Europe’s biggest port, Rotterdam, Netherlands, as they experience the power of waves, learn the craft of seafood production, explore great ports, and even fight fires. They’ll be discovering how the ocean can revitalise maritime regions, meeting up with locals along the way to learn about different places, ways of life, and cultures, looking back at history, and looking forward to the future.

The Mediterranean Route

14 April - 12 May

  • Start point:
    Athens, Greece
  • End point:
    Lascaux, France

Countries on the Mediterranean have been home to some of the most forward-thinking civilisations in our history. Take a walk through history and soak up the style, flare and food of the Mediterranean!

The Danube Route

23 June - 21 July

  • Start point:
    Donaueschingen, Germany
  • End point:
    Danube Delta, Romania

The Danube River flows across more borders than any other river in the world. That’s why it’s considered as a symbol of unity. Be ready to discover what unites (and sometimes divides) the Danube’s bordering countries.

Closer to the leaving date we’ll share more about this itinerary.

The Baltic Route

28 July - 25 August

  • Start point:
    Rovaniemi, Finland
  • End point:
    Berlin, Germany

The countries bordering the Baltic Sea may share similar geography, but history has divided them more often than not. Jump on a journey of division and union and prepare to be seduced by the people, the landscapes and the cultures.

Closer to the leaving date we’ll share more about this itinerary.