pin Dublin, Ireland

Secrets of success

Our Irish friends have taught us how to turn an idea into a thriving project. At the Listoke Distillery and Gin School, gin producer Bronagh Conlon demonstrated the ins-and-outs of making gin. At the YNP radio station, led by a group of young people and funded by the EU, we took part in a broadcast and found out more about the Youth Network for Peace, which involves 10,000 young people connected by this cross-border project to meet and learn about each other.

After spending a day in the company of the people behind these enterprises, we could see that even though the projects are completely different, there are similarities connecting them.


The first thing they have in common is passion. It’s this that keeps the youth of Belfast ready to put time and effort into preparing their show and attempting to make a difference in their community. It’s a similar passion that compels Bronagh to pay attention to every detail of her brand, making sure that everything from packaging to the product itself is as good as could be.

Secondly, it’s hard to make it on your own and is why you ask for help. The Listoke distillery was supported by guidance from the Local Enterprise Office, in partnership with the EU-funded Enterprise Europe Network, to make the most of Bronagh’s ideas.

As for YNP radio, it wouldn’t be running if it weren’t for the initiative of the Youth Network for Peace, giving young people the space and resources to express themselves through this platform.


Last but not least – you need to keep people interested. Bronagh found the perfect way to achieve this is by giving people an opportunity to experience gin making for themselves, even giving us an opportunity to mix our own.

The YNP radio station also attempts to attract their listeners in different ways. Apart from hosting meaningful conversations about the political situation and problems facing young people, the station also broadcasts other segments which people can connect to: whether you want to hear about spirituality and self-care or the latest blockbusters, there’s something for everyone.

We’re looking forward to discovering more of these projects further along in our adventure!