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Silvia García Bartabac

On Sunday evening, our travellers welcomed a special guest who Yldau, in particular, had been keen to meet: one of Spain’s leading lifestyle, travel and fashion vloggers, Silvia García Bartabac boasts 380.000 followers on her Instagram account alone. Her fashion brand À Bicyclette, launched in 2011, is making waves across the country and beyond, having been featured in the Spanish editions of Vogue and Elle.

She published her first book, “BARTABAC”, in 2014.

Silvia describes her style as “effortless, chic and cool”. Does that remind you of someone? We thought so. Yldau, who cares about dressing right for any journey (as you will have noticed), was excited to be able to exchange fashion tips with Silvia.

Check out Silvia’s Instagram and Youtube channels.

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