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Sam De Bruyn

Ghent Road trip project

Our travellers were in luck for their stopover in Ghent. They had the perfect guide.

Sam De Bruyn is a very well know radio DJ and TV presenter in Flanders, and he simply adores his home city.  

Sam had worked for Studio Brussels, the popular Flemish VRT’s public radio, before moving on to commercial radio and QMusic three years ago. He co-presented The Voice van Vlaanderen on TV, and is even a voice-over artist, having lent his voice to characters in the Flemish versions of the Disney animation movies Bolt and Zootropolis.

But here’s the really cool thing: he is also a passionate traveller and has a pretty awesome travel blog called Håndbagage. Why the Danish word for hand luggage? Well, “because I travel light, cheap, short & a lot! Always investigating how to travel more consciously, with a lower carbon footprint.”

Yldau and Fabian spent their time chatting with Sam, and they came away with a host of good tips.

Check out Sam on Instagram (56.8k followers) and on Twitter (133k followers)!

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