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Pedro Brochado

Pedro Brochado is a historian and archaeologist who is in charge of the Portuguese route of the Saint James’ Way, the Caminho Português de Santiago, in his home town of Vila do Conde.

That means he also looks after the pilgrims’ and hikers’ traditional hostels, known as albergues, to make Vila do Conde an attractive stop-over, and for good reason:

This is one of the oldest known human settlements in Northern Portugal, with artefacts discovered dating back to around 15.000 years.

Dating from a little closer to our time, the old centre of Vila do Conde also features houses with rounded corners, which Pedro proudly showed our travellers. Why rounded corners, you ask? Because, as every Portuguese knows – and many also believed, when the houses were built in the 15th and 16th centuries – “the devil is hiding behind a corner”. Have no corners, and the devil has no place to hide.

To bring the history and the heritage of the Caminho Português de Santiago to life is Pedro’s first and foremost ambition.

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