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Paweł Krzych

Paweł Krzych came up with the idea of a blog about Szczecin after returning from studying in Ireland. There, he had become a frequent user of blogs to stay updated with what was going on in the Irish capital. Nothing like that existed in Szczecin, so he set out to bring it to his hometown! And that is exactly what he has achieved with szczecinblog.pl.

Combining his expertise in marketing and social media with his passion for the city, the blog “shows Szczecin through my eyes, reporting about interesting events, investments, gastronomy, projects and companies that can be showcased in Poland and beyond”, as he puts it. He is also an active traveller and keen biker, so there was plenty of topics for a lively chat with Luna and Achilleas.    

Ever since Pawel has started his blog, six years ago, Szczecin has changed a lot. He sums it up by pointing to the attitude of its inhabitants: “They once claimed that nothing would come out of Szczecin. Now they say: ‘it can be done’.”

And if your Polish is a bit too poor to browse his blog, you can still discover some great pix of this beautiful city on Pawel’s Instagram!

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