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Sabine Geller

ULM Germany Road Trip Project

Sabine Geller is completely passionate about the Danube, its history, present and future. Susann and Kenneth could hardly have met a more knowledgeable person to send them off on their adventure of discovering the river.

First, she took them up the highest church tower in the world, all 768 stairs to the top of Ulm Minster. The view was easily worth the effort!

Afterwards, at one of her favourite local restaurants, Sabine talked Danube, and gave our travellers some useful tips, like not to mess with the giant welsh catfish further downstream: they can grow up to 5 meters long, weigh up to 300 kilos and live to the ripe old age of 50! They normally eat frogs, mice, rats and ducks, but there are fishermen’s tales about being grabbed by the leg by one, and… well, you know that fishermen like to exaggerate, right?

Sabine RTP

As the editor of danube connects which has been running for ten years and is the first magazine to cover all the countries along the Danube, Sabine has travelled the length of the river many times. Besides appearing in print and online, danube connects also posts news on Facebook and Twitter. Sabine is also the author of the book  Danube Women Stories and is a member of the European Danube Academy.

For her, the Danube area is simply unique in the world, because of how the river has historically connected peoples and continues to connect them today. In geographical terms, the Danube connects a world record of 10 countries.

But Sabine wants to connect also the 115 million people living in the region and see them cooperate on all fronts. She wants the Danube to be a river of hope, understanding and inspiration: a powerhouse of Europe. Our travellers were inspired by her vision and her passion. They match the spirit of their Danube Route as part of the Road Trip Project

The European Union has a strategy for the Danube region, including the Member States along the river as well as candidate countries, as they are, facing similar problems: – environmental threats, lack of transport connections, expensive and not very reliable energy supplies, shortcomings in safety and security and so on. Sabine contributes to EU action to develop the region by helping to bridge the gaps between what is being done and what the local population is aware of. That’s where initiatives such as her magazine and the Road Trip Project come in: to feature human stories of cooperation, partnerships and projects along the Danube.

You can read more about the EU Strategy for the Danube Region here on danube-region.eu

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