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Maria Stolyanova


Susann and Kenneth explored the historic town of Tutrakan with someone who not only was totally in sync with them, but also a perfect guide: Maria has two degrees in Tourism!

Professionally, Maria started out in journalism in Bulgaria’s capital Sofia, but decided to combine her passions for writing and for travelling more closely four years ago. Just before she quit her job in journalism, and after a dream holiday in Paris, she had created a travel blog of her own, which is still going strong – and for very good reason! It is a great website with fantastic tips: not only but in particular about Bulgaria.

“I met many people during my travels that didn’t know anything about Bulgaria. Even I didn’t know much about my home country. That’s why I started to write more and more about Bulgaria in order to help more people (and me) realise what a beautiful place it is”, Maria says.

As much as she enjoys travelling and writing about it, Maria also takes it very seriously and has now made a successful career out of her passions.

Maria is a founding member of the Association of Travel Bloggers of Bulgaria (ASTOM) and a regular visitor at TBEX, the largest travel bloggers conference in the world. Needless to say, she also has a pretty awesome Instagram page. Make sure you follow her!

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