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Joonas Linkola

At 27, Joonas has managed to already become one of the most influential instagrammers of his native country, Finland. His account has 112k followers and if you check it out you will see why. His pretty impressive photography is focussed on his main passion: travelling.

Born in the picturesque town of Järvenpää, he is mostly on the road these days but still keeps close ties with his family, still living there in a beautiful, 100 year-old wooden villa. He feels at home there, obviously, but equally so, as he says, when he’s in his sleeping bag!

Joonas graduated from Aalto University as Master of Telecommunications Technology, and now works in marketing, media production and social media.

Suomenlinna RTP Joonas

It was no surprise our travellers hit it off with Joonas straight away, given the many shared interests, most of all, of course, travelling. Luna and Achilleas talked Instagram with Joonas at length and learned a lot. He even gave them a review of their Instagram pages!

You can profit from Joonas’ insights into and experiences with photography, travelling and social media by checking out his blog. For us, one of his most striking pieces of advice is “if you have a credible feed, the audience will eventually find you”!


Follow Joonas on Instagram: @joonaslinkola

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