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Daniel Petrescu


Daniel is a native of the Danube Delta – and living proof of what an inspiring place it is! Always interested in the river’s rich nature, and a committed bird watcher, Daniel turned to photography almost 20 years ago and is now a true master of nature photography. Especially his pictures of birds are truly awesome.

Kenneth and Susann were lucky to meet him in person and to profit from his eyes, but everybody can experience his expertise online at his fantastic website.

Daniel’s pictures have been published widely in his home country and beyond – one of them, of the (really not so little) Little Egret, an emblematic bird of the Delta, has even made in onto a Romanian postal stamp!


Daniel also runs a travel company, Ibis Tours, which specialises in wildlife and culture tours of his beloved home region and of Romania as a whole (did you know that Romania is home to the largest population of Brown Bear, Wolf and Lynx in Europe?).

Check out also Daniel’s Facebook page.

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