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Celia Castle

Celia portrait

Celia is a 17 years old vlogger whose motto is Crear SIN MIEDO – Create WITHOUT FEAR!

When she started her YouTube channel two years ago, she had to endure some teasing: nobody could have foreseen that her original posts, mainly concerned with music and her views on life, would reach 26k subscribers on YT and12k followers  on Instagram.Celia met up with our travellers for a surf session on a beach near her home town Afterwards, around the BBQ, together with her vlogging mate and singer Carolina, who is usually doing the filming, she played music on her ukulele. Fabian joined in with his guitar, Yldau with her voice.

Celia was impressed with the Road Trip Project and would have loved to join our travellers for a bit if she had been able to. But she needed to study for her exams. A career in media is what she want when she finishes school. At least she got some solid advice from Yldau.

Remember when Yldau said she would like to not only be inspired by the trip but also inspire others on the way? We think she just did that.

Follow Celia on her Youtube, Instagram, and Twitter channels!

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