The jury

Selecting our travellers is not an easy task with so many incredible entries as we’re sure you can imagine.
Get to know our jury!




Julie’s grandma always told her "Learn one new thing every day. No matter how small or how big, just make sure you learn something new every day". And that’s what she’s been doing every day.
Driven by human emotions and a good story, Julie is currently working as a Project Manager at Manythink, a creative communication agency in Brussels. Screen Design, Scenography, light design, Camera & Show direction are her superpowers bring some sunshine in the world. Also: she loves travelling.



Hafsa is a 23-year-old Communications specialist who’s been working for the European Commission since September 2017, when she joined the Communication Unit in the Department in charge of regional and urban policy (and she swears it’s more exciting than it sounds!).
In her spare time, Hafsa is a football lover and passionate Barcelona supporter - she actually has a picture of her wearing a Barça T-shirt at the age of 1. This passion for football brought her to travel Europe to attend the most important matches, discovering places she wouldn’t have travelled to otherwise. Football marked the beginning of her love for European landscapes.



Benoît is the founder and creative director of Brussels-based agency 20Something. His fun and bubbly spirit brought him to work as a TV and Radio presenter as well. A versatile and relentless creative being, Benoit is is one of the few communications specialists focused on the newer generations.
When not in Brussels, Belgium, Benoît can be found travelling around Europe giving inspiring talks focused on the relationships that new generations have established with brands and workplaces.



Sofie is a Belgian freelance presenter, TV editor and casting director. In 2004 she knocked on the door of radio station Studio Brussels in 2004, then turned to television and built a career as a VJ and producer for MTV, to then go back to her first love, the radio, in 2012.
To this day she still works as a radio producer, combining it with freelance work in editing and casting direction.
With her limitless curiosity, Sofie is genuinely interested in people, and just loves getting the right people into the right place.



Frank, hands brains and soul connected.
As a qualitative market researcher Frank optimises the connectivity and the interaction between people and brands. Taking part in the human conversation, exploring the wisdom of the crowd, deep diving in different cultures, playfulness research and thinking out of the box... that’s Frank!
Master in Industrial psychology, Lego® Serious Play® facilitator and Design Thinker. Being in the market research business for more than 20 years, Frank has worked for several big and smaller brands, international companies and local ones.



Davide is a communication strategist whose heart and soul are into cultural industries. After living around Bologna, Los Angeles and London, Davide grew into the professional he is now by working alongside prestigious cultural institutions such as the Italian Ministry of Culture, Emilia-Romagna Teatro, the British Library, Bologna Jazz Festival, Gender Bender Festival, Cineteca di Bologna, Italian public institutions, and other important international brands Today, he works for BAM!, an Italy-based consultancy and organisation company that specialises in audience development and cultural management.



As this project is all about you, it just wouldn’t be right for you not to have your say. You will have the chance to get involved for the final stages of the selection process by voting for your favourite traveller on our website!
As of 6th March a first selection of best videos will be available for you to watch, and you’ll be able to vote for your favourite.

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  • 23 February - 2 March

    The jury is making a first selection of videos

  • 6 March

    Watch the first selection of the 48 best videos and vote for your favourite candidate!

  • 19 March

    Find out who the 16 finalists will be!

  • 3 April

    Meet the final 8 travellers!