Now’s your chance to show us what you’re made of! Use the step-by-step guide below to help you apply for this adventure.

Don’t worry if you don’t have time to complete everything at once, you can always save your application and come back later! But make sure you submit it by 24 July!



How to Apply


Create your account!

Fill in your details and create a password. Once you’ve done this, you will be able to save your progress and come back to it whenever you need to add to your application!


Personal info

Here, you’ll need to provide basic information, like your date of birth and nationality. You will need to prove you have a valid ID/passport before travelling.


Your profile

Upload a nice photo of yourself. Tell us a little bit about yourself and add a quote that inspires or defines you. We want to know why you should be chosen for this trip, so get creative!


Your passion

Which category suits you best? There are 4 options, so make sure you click the right one: video maker, copywriter, photographer or presenter:

  • Video maker

    Are you obsessed with filming – on your phone or film camera? Are you passionate about telling a good visual story and sharing it on social media? Then why not apply for the Road Trip Project!

    You will be our video maker, recording all the Road Trip’s adventures and encounters. Not only this, you will also edit and produce the footage, which will be shared on social media for large audiences! 

  • Copywriter

    Are you passionate about writing stories about your travels, encounters and life experiences? Are you always putting your thoughts on paper to capture the essence of something and make it attractive and cool? Then why not apply for the Road Trip Project!

    As our copywriter, you’ll be using a creative flare to bring the Road Trip’s stories to life

  • Photographer

    Do you have a passion for photography? Are you an Instagram addict? Do you prefer to be behind the camera rather than in front of it? Do you love to travel and capture the local vibe? Then why not apply for the Road Trip Project!

    You will be our photographer, the one with a keen eye for detail, always searching for that perfect shot as you travel across Europe. You will get some artsy shots while visiting European projects and tell an engaging story through your images. 

  • Presenter

    Do you love to keep your followers updated on what’s happening? Do you thrive in front of the camera? Do you love to talk? Then why not apply for the Road Trip Project!

    As our presenter, it will be up to you to chat to some amazing personalities across Europe and really immerse yourself in their projects. You’ll also be the face of our group, recording vlogs of your daily activities and sharing the fun. 


Presentation video and social media

This is your chance to show us your personality and prove that you’re the right person for this adventure!

You have 60 seconds, so be creative and concise!

Be yourself and have some fun with it! Already on social media? Share your accounts with us!


Final confirmation

Once you’re happy with everything, complete the application.  

Make sure you double check your application before you click submit! Once submitted, you can’t edit it anymore.

Your profile will be screened by our moderation team and finalised profiles will appear on the voting page to be shared with your friends. Don’t forget that applications featuring offensive content will not be accepted. Check out the terms and conditions for more.

Good luck!