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Do you know who’s in charge in the European Union? This week it was: Kenneth and Susann and a group of 16-year-olds!

Our travellers participated in a simulation game where the group took up the roles of EU decision makers and discussed asylum and migration policy. The event was organised by Ulm’s Europa Büro or Europe Direct Information Centre (EDIC).

Afterwards, Leonie and George from Ulm gave them their view on the meaning of the EU.

Europe Direct Information Offices are engaging face-to-face with citizens daily on EU-related topics.

There are some 500 of these offices around Europe, and anyone can just walk in with a question about the EU. If your question is very specific, you will be put in contact with experts in the field. EDICs also provide a lot of general information, advice and assistance on topics like EU funding opportunities and the rights of citizens (when you travel, study, work, shop…), as well as the EU’s priorities, legislation, policies and programmes.

And if you are a student with an assignment about the EU, the Europe Direct centre near you is your first port of call, with a lot of documentation access to official EU publications and the relevant information sources. Besides simulation games EDICs organise other themed events as well as conferences and seminars for various audiences (academics, farmers, journalists, entrepreneurs…). They can also find an expert speaker for you, if you would like to organise an event related to Europe in your area.

EDICs are proximity offices, you can also email your question or contact them via a general hotline (00 800 6 7 8 9 10 11). The beauty of these services is that you can use any of the 24 official EU languages. . And: it’s all free.

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