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Walking among treetops in Lithuania

Luna and Achilles love hiking in forests, but they had never done so 20 metres above the ground! Experiencing nature and 360 degree views from the level of treetops in the Anykščiai Pinewood in Lithuania was like something from a fairy tale.

Anykščiai 2

On the Treetop Walking Path the travellers discovered the sights, sounds and smells of this beautiful evergreen wood – and Lithuanian culture.

That’s because the Anykščia is not just any forest: it has a special place in the hearts and minds of Lithuanians. It was made famous in 1861 by a poet called Antanas Baranauskas in his poem “The Forest of Anykščiai”.

This poem conveys the deep sense of connection the Lithuanians have with their forests, but it can also be understood to discuss the country’s oppression under the Russian Empire… It became a landmark of Lithuanian literature, and extracts from it are scattered along the path.

The Path itself is an impressive 300-metre-long metal and concrete structure built with EU funding and finished in 2015. The first of its kind in the Baltics, it also includes an information centre and a 34-metre-high watchtower. It was from this watchtower that Luna and Achilles enjoyed panoramic views over the Anykščiai park and the Šventoji River. They also spotted the twin towers of the Church of St Matthew, Lithuania’s highest. Pretty cool!

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