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TVT Innovation

Toulon, in south-eastern France is famous for its impressive naval base, its arsenal and its shipbuilding yards. But the city is determined to look towards the future, as experienced by Louis and Luisa when they were there. The concentration of expertise that was once dedicated to military purposes, has now been leveraged to create the right conditions for a dynamic business environment.

TVT (Toulon Var Technologies) Innovation is at the heart of this trend. It acts as an incubator bringing together student-entrepreneurs with researchers and universities, with the support of local and regional authorities and with significant funding from the EU.

This all sounds very serious, right? Well yes but, while visiting TVT, our travellers found that sports, fun and friends can actually be the foundations for successful business.

Take RADS, for example: the story of three friends who developed sensors for extreme sports (mainly board sports – kite-surfing, wind-surfing, surfing …). Their sensors register performance
(you can claim evidence-based victory over your competitors) and they also locate you at any moment, so you don’t get lost in deep sea or in the hills!

FIVEZONE is another TVT success story: young fellow sportsmen decided to launch an online booking platform and a mobile app for indoor football players, to make their life easier when booking sports grounds, but also to help them find players for their futsal teams.

Both projects benefited from TVT Innovation’s dedicated support: a training camp to turn their concept into implementation, inspiring co-working spaces, a range of technical and legal advice, and financial tools at the service of business and research.

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