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The Golubac Fortress, Serbia

Kenneth and Susann discovered the beautiful Golubac Fortress in Serbia and enjoyed views all the way to Romania. A sudden thunderstorm left them soaked and cut off their phone and internet access, but the visit was well worth it.


On high, steep cliffs at the head of the Iron Gates gorge, the Golubac Fortress has stood guard over the widest section of the Danube for 700 years. The mediaeval city within is watched over and protected by ten towers that thick stone walls connect together.

The travellers were shown around by the smart and funny Matija, who explained to them how the location of the fortress made it easy to control traffic on the river. And to defend against enemies! The fortress was a military outpost, the last on that stretch. As such, the Serbs, Hungarians, Bulgarians, Ottoman Turks and Austrians all wanted it and fought battles over it. The fortress changed hands many times, but its walls stood proudly intact.

Matija showed Susann and Kenneth were a road had been built through the walls. Also, the Danube had invaded the fortress when a hydroelectric dam was built in the gorge and the river flooded nearby areas. But the travellers were happy to find that recent EU-funded reconstruction works were almost finished and the fortress nearly restored to its former glory. It is now a popular tourist attraction, soon to have its own pier on the Danube. Its location is still “strategic”, standing as it does at the entrance of a 100-km-long stretch of national parks on both sides of the river.

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