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Sunny Workshops

Sunny Workshops

Their tagline says it all – at the Sunny Workshop they believe that we all share the same sun and therefore we all deserve the same opportunities. The project is dedicated to improving the rights of people with disabilities, but also the living conditions of their families. The participants work with ceramic and wood and grow flowers in a Greenhouse, while family members are hired to work within the project as social workers. It is all about social inclusion, improving financial situations, teaching valuable skills and ensuring independent living.

The visit to the Sunny Workshop was a particularly emotional moment for Louis, who is himself  a social worker for people with disabilities back home in Antwerp.  He and Luisa spent the day with a few of the 22 local families who have already benefited from the project.
Sunny Workshop doesn’t have a website, but if you’d like more information don’t hesitate to contact us. 

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